D 8 1/2

Our son D is 8 1/2 years old and has a diagnosis of autism. We began treating him homeopathically through the guidance of John Melnychuk 10 months ago. Our biggest concerns at the time were with D’s behavior. He would hurt his younger brother, hurt our dog and was occasionally pushing kids at school, or pulling their hair, etc. He also would put an extreme amount of pressure on his lower abdomen to calm himself.
Since we began treatment, D’s behavior has improved significantly. He no longer hurts his brother, or the dog. He still will have an occasional bad behavior at school, but this has significantly decreased. He will put pressure on his abdomen, it seems, when the remedy needs to be increased, or changed.
D is now able to sit and attend for longer periods of time. He seems more social and interested in playing. He is watching some TV programs, which he hasn’t done in a long time. Comprehension and concentration has increased. He has become more independent; getting dressed by himself, brushing his teeth, etc.
It is a slow progression, and we still have a way to go. We still get an occasional tantrum here and there. But, I have to say, the quality of life has improved for our family so dramatically since our first visit to John Melnychuk.
Mrs. M. O., Chicago, Il