My son, K, is a 6-year-old autistic boy. Although he has been making progress using the DAN approach, as of last August he had severe headaches, which some people suggested could be a seizure. K went through a 24-hour EEG in 2004 and we found no seizure. Because I hate the idea of K taking seizure medicine, I have been refusing to do this. During the time he is in pain, he grabs me, pulls my hair, bites me, pinches me — I was very scared to imagine what will happen when K gets older.
We went to meet John last September and started to follow his directions. K started to take his remedy. His headache got less and less. His aggressive behavior started diminishing. It is January of 2006 now. He has not had the headache for 2 weeks. And he stopped attacking me now. Thank you, John.
Mrs. E. S., Los Angeles, CA