O. D.

Our son, O. D., was diagnosed with autism. Along with the autism came a wealth of gastrointestinal problem. O. D. passed whole foods in his stool, had ulcers and very bad acid reflux. We had taken him to a kid gut specialist, whom was well known for his treatment of kids. Although he was able to help recognize some of O.D.’s problems, he could help relieve his problems with medicine, but could not take it away. We found our answer with Homeopathy with John. From only a couple months on a remedy his problems have been cured completely. We are so thankful and truly amazed. I am finally hopeful for what may come next! O.D.’s stools would sometimes be completely black and very foul, now they are just as normal as my neuro-typical four year old! Along with those improvements came more speech and increased social skills. O.D. for the first time was talking and interacting with his big brother and little sister. There is just nothing as sweet as seeing him kiss his little sister. I can’t wait to tell everyone what happens next! Thanks so much John for all that you have dedicated your time and energy to doing. It has been a miracle for our family and us.
Mrs. J. D., Pennsylvania