Octogenarian feels better
Thank you, thank you, thank you! After decades of chronic worries and anxieties, my 82 year-old mother is calm. With a fear of flying, she was able to pack and fly home without extreme anxiety and even said that she had a lovely conversation with the gentleman next to her. Her tone of voice over the phone is now relaxed. Her energy is greatly improved. Her chronic urinary problem has completed cleared up. She is no longer anemic and has stopped taking her thyroid medication because her PSH level is now fine. She keeps saying "It's a miracle!" Recently she was robbed and she calmly handled stopping her credit cards, changing her locks, etc. She has always talked about writing and has lots of creative ideas. Her anxiety sucked her energy. She has now started on a writing project. My whole family is grateful to you for the amazing improvement in the quality of life of our mother. Thank you! Mrs. M.M., Palo Alto, CA