This audio clip is in MP3 format and it is an interview with Gabby's parents, Chris and Alma. It is a few minutes in length. Gabby had seen some other very good homeopaths before I was consulted for an opinion. The homeopathy the others had given was thoughtfully and skillfully provided, and it had helped, but not as well Chris and Alma had hoped - so they consulted me. So, we began. For many months we struggled, and we got a benefit for Gabby, but not a terrific result. Then, we talked about something different in one visit which turned things around. The interview contains Chris's and Alma's description of what helped us to make a breakthrough. Many thanks to Chris and Alma for sharing this with the public. The main point of the interview is 1) you have to hang in there, and 2) In homeopathy we want to know about the person, not the symptoms or diagnosis. It is difficult to clarify one from the other, but Chris and Alma will help you to understand what will really help your homeopath to find success.