Boy now in full inclusion regular ed class

John, it was so nice to hear from you yesterday. R. is doing really well these days. It’s been 5 months since you saw R. and I can’t wait for you to see him next time because you’ll be amazed with all the things he says these days. He is still on the two remedies that you prescribed to him.
I am certain that homeopathy played a big part on R.’s progress. He started taking homeopathy since 2/24/07. Just two days after he took the first remedy I noticed a change in his behavior. He used to have tantrums every morning when I took him to the car because he would get upset that his shoes got wet from walking on the lawn. The first thing he would ask me to do is “wipe my shoes”. After I wiped his shoes he would still get mad because he can still see the water stain on his shoes and he would proceed to kick the back of my seat while I was driving him to school. It was something that I had to put up with every morning and I just learned to ignore it as best as I can. When he didn’t display this behavior on the second day after he took the first remedy you can imagine how AMAZED I was. I was positive that it was the remedy doing the trick because I didn’t do anything different. Then later that evening I gave him a bath and washed his hair, again no complain about getting his hair wet, which was a torturous experience in the past. He used to cry and tried to get away from the bathtub whenever I washed his hair. I was very happy to see this change in his behavior. I also noticed quicker response when I asked him questions. His teacher also told me that he was talking more and more aware of what was happening in class.
My skeptical husband didn’t want to believe R.’s improvements had anything to do with homeopathy, so I took R. off the remedy for 9 days and his crying during hair wash and complaint about his shoes getting wet all came back. Once I put him back on the remedy, this behavior immediately stopped. Now I’ve learned that when he complains about hair wash or shoes getting wet, it’s time to increase the dosage of the remedy.
Around June 2005, John gave R. another remedy. We continued to see improvements. The key to making homeopathy work is detailed documentation of changes in your child after he/she starts taking the remedy, and then share those details with your homeopath to see how to adjust the dosage to maximize its benefits.
R. is in Kindergarten now and in a full inclusion regular ed class. He is doing regular curriculum (nothing is modified for him). He does have an aide because he still needs someone to keep him on task. But I am amazed with the progress he’s made this year. On both of his report cards he got 3’s (Proficient: demonstrates consistent performance of grade level knowledge) on everything except for writing where he got 2+. This is wonderful considering that the school district had so much doubt in him that they only agreed to 60% regular ed/40% special day class in the beginning of the year. R. has been in the regular class 90% of the time since Oct ’07. The special ed director said R. self elect to be in regular ed. Even R.’s private speech therapist told me recently that she didn’t approve of me pushing for full inclusion for R. because she has never seen it work. But she said R. is a surprise for her because he is able to learn the curriculum and she felt that perhaps his speech increased and is more spontaneous because he’s with typical kids all day. I know that homeopathy and acupuncture play a big part on his improvements.
Another welcoming change lately is R. no longer bothers us on weekend mornings (he used to come to our bed as soon as he wakes up) because now he plays with his brother. They would do pretend play like make sandwiches or launch their spaceship.
Last but not least, I want to end our story with something funny that R. said to his aide. R. has alergy this week and his nose was runny. He said to his aide on Monday “Go away Rosie, my nose is runny, I don’t want you to get sick”.
Mrs. J.S., Alameda, CA May, 2008


We just wanted to say how much we appreciate the amazing work you have done with our 6 year old son, Jesse, over the past year. Jesse was 2 years old when diagnosed with autism. Over the past 4 years, we have utilized countless therapies; educational, therapeutic, and biomedical in nature, in order to better reach our son.
Since beginning homeopathic treatment with you just over one year ago, we have seen immense changes in Jesse, many of which were almost instantaeous. After beginning treatment, our son went from being introverted, quiet, and “spacey”, to interrractive, outgoing, and highly spirited. Family, friends, teachers, and therapists have told us over and over again what immense changes they have seen in Jesse over the past year. The best way to describe it is that it was almost as though Jesse “woke up”! In our case, homeopathy has been the single most effective treatment for our son.
Thank you again, and we look forward to our continued work together in the future.
Mr. & Mrs. N., San Diego, CA, July, 2008


Our son R. is 6-1/2, and we have been recovering him from autism since he was 2-1/2. In the four years we have been treating him, we have done the DAN! protocol of diet and supplements, Amy Yasko’s protocol and most recently homeopathy. We have made significant progress with all of these interventions, but about a year or so ago R. hit a plateau, even started to decline a bit. He was throwing wicked tantrums – hitting, biting, kicking and screaming for hours. He was a kindergartener who was being suspended on a regular basis. That’s when we started to see John. We went through a few different remedies, some of which helped a little, until we hit on the right one. After we found the right remedy, everything changed. R. was much calmer, his tantrums were much less frequent and severe and he was able to control himself and calm himself more easily when he did start to escalate. Now, whenever he starts to get agitated, I give him the remedy and he calms down in a matter of minutes.
Other changes happened as well. He became much more social, he started to be interested in more age-appropriate activities, his speech improved and by the end of the school year he was finishing his work in class more consistently. He does still have the occasional outburst but we give him his remedy and things cool down quickly. John has been instrumental in getting R. back on the right track. I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for us. He has always been readily available for a quick chat, and he has been genuinely concerned for R.’s well being. We would not be where we are today if we hadn’t found John and his wealth of knowledge on treating autistic kids!
Mrs. J.D. San Anselmo, CA

O. D.

Our son, O. D., was diagnosed with autism. Along with the autism came a wealth of gastrointestinal problem. O. D. passed whole foods in his stool, had ulcers and very bad acid reflux. We had taken him to a kid gut specialist, whom was well known for his treatment of kids. Although he was able to help recognize some of O.D.’s problems, he could help relieve his problems with medicine, but could not take it away. We found our answer with Homeopathy with John. From only a couple months on a remedy his problems have been cured completely. We are so thankful and truly amazed. I am finally hopeful for what may come next! O.D.’s stools would sometimes be completely black and very foul, now they are just as normal as my neuro-typical four year old! Along with those improvements came more speech and increased social skills. O.D. for the first time was talking and interacting with his big brother and little sister. There is just nothing as sweet as seeing him kiss his little sister. I can’t wait to tell everyone what happens next! Thanks so much John for all that you have dedicated your time and energy to doing. It has been a miracle for our family and us.
Mrs. J. D., Pennsylvania


This audio clip is in MP3 format and it is an interview with Gabby’s parents, Chris and Alma. It is a few minutes in length. Gabby had seen some other very good homeopaths before I was consulted for an opinion. The homeopathy the others had given was thoughtfully and skillfully provided, and it had helped, but not as well Chris and Alma had hoped – so they consulted me.
So, we began. For many months we struggled, and we got a benefit for Gabby, but not a terrific result. Then, we talked about something different in one visit which turned things around. The interview contains Chris’s and Alma’s description of what helped us to make a breakthrough.
Many thanks to Chris and Alma for sharing this with the public. The main point of the interview is 1) you have to hang in there, and 2) In homeopathy we want to know about the person, not the symptoms or diagnosis. It is difficult to clarify one from the other, but Chris and Alma will help you to understand what will really help your homeopath to find success.


This is a video in Quicktime format made by Tommy’s parents. It is approximately 7 minutes in length. It will take a few minutes to download if you have a DSL modem, and it will be a much shorter wait if you have a Cable modem.
Tommy’s video will show you one family’s experience. The video shows Tommy’s recovery to a certain point before Tommy started to attend main-stream public school.
Tommy is now in first grade, and he was recently honored as “Student of the Month” at his school. Tommy likes performing and being a celebrity. When he was on stage to accept his award, greeted the auditorium of classmates and teacher with “I’d like to thank you all for coming!”
I am very grateful to Tommy and his family who jointly made this video, and who are allowing me to share it with the public in the hope that it will encourage others to try homeopathy for their children and themselves.